• How to Copy IOS From One Cisco Router to Another


    When would you need this: When you want to copy IOS file from one router to another for the purposes of upgrade or install. This is usually required when you do not have a TFTP server around.

    Special Requirements: The flash size of the destination router should be adequate for the new IOS file size.

    On the source router that contains the IOS file that you want to copy, issue the following command:

    Router(config)#tftp-server flash:/SOURCE-IOS-FILE.bin

    Where SOURCE-IOS-FILE.bin is the name of the IOS file that you want to copy. If you are using a router that has PCMCIA flash car, replace the ‘flash:’ with ‘slot0:’ or ‘slot1:’ in the previous command, depending on the slot that contains the file that you want to copy.

    This command will make the router act as a TFTP server. And the rest of the procedure is done on the target router and can be found on this link.

    After you complete the copy operation, issue the command:

    Router(config)#no tftp-server flash:/SOURCE-IOS-FILE.bin

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    More information you can find in the Router Geek Book: Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration

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