• How to Configure RIP in a Cisco Router


    When would you need this: When you need to implement a routing protocol for a small network and you need the configuration to be simple. Routing Information Protocol is the simplest that it can get.

    Special Requirements: None.

    1. The first thing to do is to enable the RIP protocol on the router with the ‘router rip’ command.

    Router(config)#router rip

    2. Identify the networks to be advertised using the ‘network XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX’ command. Using this command, you need to identify only the networks that are directly connected to the router.


    And remember to write only the supernet if you have a group of subnets. For example, if you have the following subnets connected to the router (,, and You can put them all in single ‘network’ command like this:


    You can notice that only three subnets of the supernet are connected to the router, and despite that, we wrote the supernet in the ‘network’ command. The router is intelligent enough to figure it out.

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